Liquor Receipts Reports


Welcome to the Mixed Beverage Tax Receipts Search Page provided by Bar Mart. With this search tool, you are able to look up the sales revenue generated from the sale of liquor, beer and wine for all establishments(licensee) holding a Mixed Beverage license in the state of Texas.

Report Format

When you click on the report button below, the default report that displays is for every mixed beverage Licensee in the state of Texas that reports at least $1 of mixed beverage sales for the default reporting month. The default sorting results range from the highest reported receipts to the lowest reported receipts. The report lists 200 reporting licensees per page with subsequent page links at the bottom of the report page. We choose the default reporting month as the month that is 2 months before the most recent release date by the Texas State Comptroller. For example, when we download the liquor tax data in September, the default display month will be July. The reason for this is it usually takes 2 months for most reporting licensees data to make the list.


The Texas Comptroller changed how they provided data late in 2017. Before individual files were updated and made to the public on a monthly basis. A particular month's tax was reported by each Texas Mixed Beverage Licensee by the 20th day of the following month on Form 67-100. On the twenty-first day of each month, the Texas State Comptroller released a data file available for download that contained the reported liquor tax. We calculated the sales by dividing the liquor tax reported by the 6.7% tax rate. (Data prior to January 1, 2014 was divided by 14%).

** We have kept access to the prior database for review. As of 7/10/2018 we noticed the Trade Name for bars that changed names may not be accounted for in the past.


Sorting Options

Every column has a hyperlink in the title. When you click on the hyperlink, it will re-sort the whole report based on that column from smallest to largest (A to Z, or 0 to 999,999,999). If you click on it again, it will reverse the sort order for that column (Z to A, or 999,999,999 to 0).

Report Filters

There are 5 different filters that can be applied to this report. These filters are listed at the top of the page and consist of the following:
     Begin Month - Choose which month of data you want to be displayed in the report. The default is the month 2 months before the most recent release date as explained above.
     End Month - The default is the same as the Begin Month.
     County - Choose to list all reporting establishments in a specific county. The default is all counties.
     City - Choose to list all reporting establishments in a specific city. The default is all cities.
     Zip Code - Choose to list all reporting establishments in a specific zip code. The default is all zip codes.

Each filter consists of a drop-down listing all choices in alphabetical order. Once you click on a dropdown, if you would like to jump to a certain letter, just enter that letter on the keyboard and the list will move forward to that letter. For example, if you want to choose Tarrant County, instead of scrolling down to the T, if you type "T", the list will advance all the way to the first county that begins with T.

If you would like to list another month besides the default month, be sure to change the month in both the Begin Month and End Month dropdown in order to see that month. For example,if the default month is July 2013, and you would like to see May 2013, then change both the Begin Month and End Month to May 2013 in the dropdown. Otherwise, you will have multiple month's data displayed in the list.

Individual Licensee Information Hyperlinks

At any time when looking at the report, you can click on one of three hyperlinks for an individual licensee, and it will return the liquor sales for that licensee for every month since December 2011. The three hyperlinks are the following: TABC Permit #, Trade Name, and Location Address. Most of the time, each hyperlink will return the same information for a specific licensee. However, if a different club opened at the same address, or if a licensee obtained a different permit number for the same address, then different results will occur for each hyperlink.

Individual Licensee Search Options

By Clicking on the LICENSEE SEARCH button, you will be able to search for a particular licensee based on 3 different fields: Trade Name, Address, and/or Zip Code. An example of how the search function works, if you wanted to find "Main Street Bar", you could type the word "Main" in the trade name field and press SUBMIT SEARCH. Every licensee in the state of Texas with the word "Main" in their name would be listed. When you find your desired licensee, click on the hyperlink and the liquor sales reported since December 2011 will be listed. Two additional filters are at the top of the search page, and work exactly the same as on the main search page. These filters are by county and city.

For pricing, availability, or any other questions, please call us at 817-595-0667.cing, availability, or any other questions, please call us at 817-595-0667.